WissKI with virtual Lubuntu Image

Submitted by rnsrk on Mon, 08/30/2021 - 10:51

The WissKI virtual machine is a simple way to reach a preconfigured WissKI environment. It contains a Blazegraph triple store (for licensing reasons, feel free to install GraphDB) and the (dependent) Drupal modules for Solr Search and Geofield widgets, and the WissKI modules for IIP and IIIF support. It comes with peripheral software to administrate your site (composer), to setup a Solr search index (Solr Server) and to implement an IIP Image Server with the possibility of a Mirador Viewfield, and therefore contains the dependent libraries (Colorbox, IIPMooViewer, Mirador3). In addition to that, the primal configuration has been done and a WissKI Salz adapter to the triple store has been set up and a the ECRM Ontology is imported and ready to use.

Even if a virtual machine is a mighty tool, the resources are limited. You can extend the disk size, RAM and used CPUs, but be aware that bigger projects can reach the borders of your system capabilities.

You can download and run the preconfigured WissKI environment (5,2 GB Download!) with VirtualBox. You need virtualisation enabled, 15 GB free disk space and minimum memory of 4 GB RAM (recommended 8 GB). Be sure you have VirtualBox with the matching Extension Pack installed! Navigate to File and Import Applicance or press ctrl + I on the main menu. Choose the downloaded WissKI-VM.ova file and adjust the CPU and RAM settings if necessary. Click import and wait until the process is finished, then start the virtual machine. You can log in the user wisski with the password wisski. Take further advice in the README file on the Desktop.

Example screencast

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