Name authorities

In the WissKI system name authorities are used to support the user in the data creation process. After the integration of a name authority in the WissKI system the values of the name authority are used as normative lists, values for the autocompletion and values for the automatic semantic annotation in the WYSIWYG editor. Therefore the system ensures a high quality of data. However the cultural heritage domain has only a few globally accepted authority files which consider multilingualism at least in parts. The best known authority files are maintained by the Getty Research Institute. The Union List of Artist Names (ULAN) is a list of around 293,000 names of artists worldwide. The Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT) is a structured vocabulary containing around 131,000 terms and other information about concepts. It is currently translated to dutch, chinese and german. And finally the Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN) contains around 1,106,000 names of places together with informations about historical place names or place names in different languages. Currently those authorties are partly imported and used inside the system. Taking into account such normative content for creating data is an important prerequisite for knowledge exchange.

If new names are gathered in a project, WissKI supports the creation and export of local name authorities consisting of the data stored in the system. These local name authorities are handled just like the external name authorities. The API supports an easy export for providing such name authorities on the internet for other, similar projects, partners or transdisciplinary work.

For authority files have a look here.